About Coolhat Photography

My LinkedIn profile is long and shows me as a lifelong innovator who naturally accepts of the need to adopt, adapt and move with the times.

The mobile phone, Internet and especially the Bean to Coffee Cup machine means it is no longer essential to make the daily commute to an office many miles away from home always hoping to be near a good Coffee Shop. My virtual 'hybrid' office including Camera Bag, iPad, MacBook and Zoom account means I can develop my business and efficiently service new and existing clients from any virtual location offering a good Wifi signal - on land or water!

Coolhat Photography has evolved over 50 years to create and deliver affordable high-quality digital images across many genres and mediums, whether on and off the water. My kit gives me the ability to capture images from land, sea or in the air for either the Corporate, Sports or Social customer.

Coolhat Photography will always deliver to meet and usually exceed the desired outcome.

A long life of experience and integrity together with a comprehensive kit of modern professional cameras, lenses and lights together with the various digital tools ensure the ability to capture the image and manage pre or post-production resources quickly, efficiently and effectively. In simple terms you pay for what you want, need and get. However, in practice I will always deliver more!

I am very proud and honoured to have been recently elected to the Yachting Journalists'​ Association, especially as my first passion is photographing dinghies and yachts, as will be quite obvious from my website!

You can be assured that #CoolhatPhotography will always focus on understanding the brief and deliver on time and on budget! 

Now to get my hat and camera and enjoy a good coffee, naturally, you are always welcome join me! 

If you need help to find what you are looking for please email paul@coolhatphotography.com or phone 07525 405999