About Coolhat Digital

As a lifelong innovator accepting the need to adopt, adapt and move with the times is part of my DNA. The current pandemic has forced unplanned and possibly unnecessary re-thinks and re-structures for many businesses hoping to ensure a sustainable future. As a result, after almost 50 years in business, of which 40 have been in the area of Executive Management of emergent innovative technology companies and more than 20 including my passion for Digital Video and Photography. 

The mobile phone, Internet and Bean to Coffee Cup machine means it is no longer essential for me to make the daily commute to an office many miles away from home and hopefully near a good Coffee Shop. At the moment, and for a long as may be necessary, my virtual office, Camera Bag, iPad, MacBook and Zoom account means I can develop my business and efficiently service my clients from almost any virtual location offering a good Wi-Fi signal. 

Coolhat Digital has evolved over 20 years into a team that create and deliver affordable high-quality digital images across many genres. We have the kit and ability to photograph or video from land, sea or in the air for the Corporate, Sports or Social customer.

Coolhat Digital will always deliver to meet and exceed the desired outcome. In the same way I will assist others by adding my skills to their resources, jealous guarding of skills does not work today!

The camera kit we own together with the digital tools we use are current and state of the art so we can capture the image and manage all pre or post-production quickly, efficiently and effectively. In simple terms you pay for what you want, need and get. 

At Coolhat Digital we will always focus on delivering to meet the brief, on time and on budget! 

Now to get my hat and camera and enjoy a good coffee, naturally, you are always welcome join me! 

If you need help to find what you are looking for please email paul@coolhatdigital.com or phone 07525 405999