Coolhat Digital


Coolhat Digital take photographs that tell a story this might be Sporting, Corporate, Portrait, Social, Reportage or simply to create a record or archive of an event, wedding, prom, celebration or awards ceremony.

It must be said that my first love is sailing, that is why so many of my shots are of boats racing, whether big and small fast or slow - I like to do what I enjoy, otherwise where is the fun?

I simply look at frame composure get the lighting right and focus sharp then click the button to get the best image I can. When at my edit suite I will typically take a few minutes to manipulate the image in Lightroom. Whilst it is an essential tool I always try to avoid using Photoshop as I like to show a real image not one that I have manipulated or need to correct an error made when shooting. Editing on the computer is just like the old Darkroom it enables me to get the best of the colour and tones captured by the camera to deliver a photograph I am happy with and you will enjoy.

With over 50 years of practice and experience taking photographs my passion for the craft hasn't changed but the equipment certainly has, I use the latest digital equipment with a wide selection of camera bodies and lenses to ensure I have the right kit to capture the best images, so I am afraid the old Box Brownie has been relegated to the garage!


As I said my first passion is sailing, being out on the water as part of a Race Management Team with my camera. As a qualified Race Officer I have a good understanding of the sport so know where to position my camera to get the best image. There will be times I am on the Committee Boat, as part of the team always clicking the camera between raising and lowering the flags, or possibly on the Course driving a Safety RIB or I may be on a powerful motor cruiser able to speed around the course to capture the best images. If you are looking for a good picture of your boat, from Superyacht to a Dinghy I have over 20 years of sailing experience I can add to the wind and tide!


The first thing I must say is that I do not call myself a Wedding Photographer, I am a Photographer - I take pictures, nice pictures that I am proud of. As a result I do not follow the convention of charging high prices just because it is a wedding. Every customer gets the same professional respect and approach, I compose, frame and capture a clean, sharp and memorable image. Digital photography gives me options where needed. I am CAA qualified to fly a drone, which I will do subject to conditions and permissions. I follow the conventions of what pictures should be taken not regimented like some I have seen but hopefully in a relaxed and friendly manner, as it shows in the photograph!


The impact of Social Media and the use of websites makes it essential to present an image of yourself or your business that is accurate. A good headshot will help present the image you need. The right shot, lit in the right way at the best angle in a good location will pay dividends.

Portraits are not only of people, they can be of animals, objects, property or anything you can control for the picture. The alternative is called Documentary or Street Photography, which is always my favoured style as it adds life and action to the photograph.


University might be good to show you how to use a piece of kit but only practice can give you experience. With over 30 years experience in making videos for corporate and social customers, including many hundreds of hours filming conferences, special interests, time lapse, training programmes and countless promotional videos for websites to name just a few styles. Most become obsolete as soon as they are published for all sorts of reasons.

The very high quality of video that can now be created on the Mobile Phone is making this the more affordable and dynamic approach for businesses to share on their Social Media channels and Website. The rapid growth of Streaming using "Zoom" has made everyone a filmmaker. Talk to me before deciding you NEED a video, I will make one for you if that is really what you need, but there may be options that offer better value in today's market.